New Avery MPI 6121 Steet Graphics



Avery MPI 6121 Street Graphics Film brings graphics applied to roads, pavements, and other rough surfaces in exposed outdoor environments to a higher level. With a paint-like finish for graphics printed with digital UV inks, the film represents a leap forward in technology.   Its on-the-street performance is not limited to pedestrian pavement applications: on the road itself, it can withstand the constant pressure of vehicle traffic for up to three months.

Avery MPI 6121 Street Graphics film is a next-generation product for all kinds of outdoor promotions – sporting and retailing events, trade shows, etc – where heavy traffic may be expected.??The non-PVC facefilm delivers an innovative engineered approach to floor graphics.

It features the ability to ‘micro-fracture’ in order to conform effectively to very rough surfaces. It also permits moisture to be channelled through the substrate, minimising slip hazards; and, at just 40 microns thick, it virtually eliminates the likelihood of edge lift.

A non-glare, matt finish means that the film offers eye-catching, high-quality graphics using digital UV-curable inks – graphics that will last for up three months exposed to road vehicle traffic, and up to six months exposed to pedestrian traffic.

The film requires no over-lamination, and meets international slip resistance testing standards. At the end of its working life, it can simply be removed with a standard high-pressure washer.

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